brokrn arm.

VASSAL Gets Shoutout

As the shit hits the fan, at least everyone has plenty of toilet paper.  It is the golden age of VASL and there are tons of games from sequestered ASL players going on all the time.

As such, the online magazine Dicebreaker features VASSAL as one of its top go-to locations for online boardgaming.  You have to scroll down a bit. Congrats to my ancient pal Rodney Kinney, inventer of VASSAL and the guy who won't get rich off of it.

Red Army Survivors Tell Their Stories

The New York Post has interviews with three Red Army Veterans now living in New York's Brighton Beach.

West Midlands ASL Help

If you know Martin Mayers, organizer of Bounding Fire in Blackpool and multi-award winning ASL trooper, you know of his band, the Mutha Luvin' Chimps.  (Everybody's on Medication is on my favorite list.) The MLC did a fundraiser to help the homeless but La Corona Virus has caused some complications.

I will personally vouch for Mr. Mayers' integrity--he's really just a big teddy bear (filled with puke)--and if you can help out send some cash to help keep the less fortunate...  PAYPAL HIM.  Send me an email and I'll get you the info.

Mario Aceto is OK

You probably know him as the guy who makes dice towers, but he also organizes the ASL Italia Summer and Winter Gatherings.  I heard from him and aside from being locked down he's doing fine.

Onslaught to Orsha 2: Bounding Fire

Ugggg....  low production values.  The lowest.  But arriving home from ASL Scandinavian Open I found the long awaited Onslaught to Orsha 2 from Bounding Fire Productions.

So I opened it up and filmed it for you!!!