KV Scenarios

Klementi Voroshilov Scenarios

Red Sisters  A favorite of NKVD military police, the Krasny Krym is back--landing troops at Grigor'evka to save the day for Odessa, or not.

Wretched  Learn parachuting with the 8th Airborne Brigade of the Red Army!  But wear a coat.  It's cold...

Raus' Sour Krauts...winner of the KV scenario design contest.  Well playtested.

Red Crimea  The Soviet Light Cruiser Krasny Krym provides support for a Marine attack that is foundering.  UNPLAYTESTED!

Fight for the Fjords  There are literally NO scenarios for the fight at Narvik, an important early war campaign featuring five nationalities.  So I made this one up.  UNPLAYTESTED!  Scenario Setup File.  (Right click and download.)

Burning Bjerkvik  Another Narvik scenario featuring land-legged sailors on MG duty.  For the pyromaniac in all of us.  UNPLAYTESTED!  Scenario Setup File.  (Right click and download.)

Middle East Collection  (All Well Playtested):
Golden Square  Iraqi nationalists attempt to seize a British airfield during 1940 coup.

Namesake  Operation Countenance begins with a Soviet amphibious attack across the Caspian Sea.  The amphibious rules are dumbed down.

Persian Carpet  The Red Army races through the shattered remnants of the Shah's army, betrayed by their leaders.

Dangerous Pai Tak Pass  Operation Countenance from the south.  The British invade.

Kurdish Way  After the war, the Iranians drive into the Kurdish heartland for one of the first proxy battles of the Cold War.  *NEW better layout from VFTT.


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