Race for the Meuse

I just got my copy of Race for the Meuse.  Here's my envelope opening:
Some notes:

Postage.  Damn I hate paying massive postage charges, but the fact is that postage is expensive.  Race for the Meuse cost almost as much to send as it did to buy.  That's just a fact.   Thanks to George Kelln for sending this out.

The Map.  It's a beauty.  I hope it gets plopped on VASL soon because I want to get at it.  But it will be worth soloing.  Primarily, it's hills and valleys.  A couple of petite Belgian buildings.  It's a nice looking map reminiscent of Kampgruppe Peiper.

Scenarios.  There are five.  There are four small skirmishes for different parts of the map.  There is a "monster" which uses the whole map and has some German recon units against Belgian fort units.

Special Rule Pack.  Pretty generic stuff.  Alpine woods.  I don't like the partial orchard thing--basically an orchard on one side of a road.  Not many of these.  Not really a point in making new rules for it in my opinion.  I don't like the dedicated artillery rule, for reasons I have discussed many times.

Campaign Game.  This is pretty standard stuff.  A few surprises, but overall it's just a four scenario campaign game.  What kind of RG can you get?  Essentially, Germans can buy infantry platoons and a lot of armored car and recon assets.  The Belgians can by fortification support units.  Overall, looks like a small, do-able campaign game.  Smaller than most.

So, I'll be working on this solo until I get a VASL board for this.  I'll provide an update on how it is going.


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